Qirella – Quantum State Vector Simulator

Qirella is a simple quantum state vector simulator I’ve developed using Kotlin. Check it out here:

to create a controlled component, hold down the CTRL key

I started building Qirella some time ago, after having taken my first fundamental quantum computing course in university. The goal was to implement a state vector simulator for quantum circuits to allow me to deepen my understanding of the field and experiment with the details myself. I opted for a web-app approach for its wide accessibility, allowing users to run it without installation.

Initially, I considered JavaScript, but found that Kotlin’s ability to transpile to JS would be a better match for quantum computing. As I spent a significant amount of my development time in Java before this project, this presented a great way to learn a new, modern language with numerous improvements, while being able to target the web, JVM and native platforms.

After discovering operator overloading, extension functions, null safety, data classes, infix functions and so much more, I don’t think I will be going back soon. 🙂