Hi there!

Hello and welcome to my website! I am Fabian, a computer science master’s student at the Technical University of Munich.

At heart, I am an engineer and researcher and love tinkering around with new technologies to figure out how they work and how they can be applied practically. Due to this, I’ve lately taken an interest in the recent developments around open Large Language Models and have been experimenting around with applying those models by integrating them with my system and employing them for task automation.

My true passion, however, lies in applying engineering to enable research. My projects have focused on developing high-performance implementations of optimization procedures for tensor networks, including Qirella and an automated rewrite framework based on it, enabling the optimization of quantum circuits. Another project adapts backpropagation to highly-constrained tensor networks thereby obtaining the gradient and Hessian, which can then be used to optimize circuits for Hamiltonian simulation.

In addition to my work relating to Quantum Computing research, I have also worked as a research assistant applying signal processing and deep learning techniques to enable the detection of vital signs and movement based on signal data obtained from commercial wireless access points.

During my free time, I enjoy tinkering around on various software engineering projects, ranging from building web applications and automating tedious tasks with a bit of machine learning, to some android development and games engineering on the side. I have also been contributing to open source projects where I gained experience in server administration and focused on developing a peer-to-peer networking solution.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you can gain some insight into what I’m passionate about doing and inspired by on these sites.

To learn more about my research or a selection of my engineering projects head over to: